Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vincent Felix

Always the same effect in light categories (english and french boxing). Boxers are to fast and everything in a small world is so dynamic that they ussualy forget school techniques and switch mainly on instictive and reflex moving.

Felix Vincent: (5 combats)
1. combat: 2. series - versus marseillais-champion - victory Vincent
2. combat: tournoi de france - versus Gilet Tierco - victory of Vincent by decision of DO - Judge official
3. combat: gala honorary - versus Gilet Tierco - victoiry Vincent
4. combat: championnat Rhone Alpes - versus Carbonne Romain - victory Carbonne (doctor break in 5. round, arcade open)
5. combat; championships honorary finale - secteur Marseille, versus Carbonne. victory Vincent.

1. combat - Rhone Alpes 22.11.2003, championships of france honorary - "honneur".


Anonymous said...

ce n'est pas ta vidéo, ainsi ke "fabrice miramand". tu n'as pas demandé si tu pouvais l'utiliser pour ton blog. retire les toutes les deux.
it's not your video, even "fabrice miramand". you didn't ask if you could use them. retire them of your blog.
they are mine not yours.

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abouz777 Can we put it here? Many people would like to break information blockade beetwen France (island) and other parts of savate world.
There is no BLOG or information point with savate news on one place - and it is shame for us savateurs. Blocking one another would not help to improve this situation. They can remove all of your content which you placed as public on dailymotion server, but can you tell me what's the point? Asking everyone who puts his information as public on servers like google video (embed code) would be very long process for someone who would like to serve with information about the sport who is really not very popular outside France and many people in France don't know that this is French national sport. Promotion of savate sport is somehow not target point of its people as I understand from your answer. Please answer also with comments. And if you insist in removing your content - no problem...We saw many cases like these before. It will be just another one in the process of hidding this sport against the wall. Do you agree?

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It is very hard to get movies of light categories in savate on internet.
And this video is real jewel. Plese abouz777 and admin - don't remove it.

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I Understand, it'ok. I will not remove them. Enjoy my friend.