Thursday, November 03, 2011

Kick-Thai: IFMA and WAKO building a bridge in Italy

(Second from the left) Ennio Falsoni (WAKO kickboxing/FIKBMS) and (third from the left) Davide Carlot (IFMA Muay Thai / FIMT) and their representatives Diego Calzolari e Marco Ceriani FIKBMS and Mauro Bassetti FIMT talked about reunification in ONE federation - probably called FIKBMS (kickboxing).

They want to unite all fighters in one competition system in this calendar year and prepare them for European championship IFMA 2012 in Ucraine and World championship IFMA 2012 in Russia.

This two sports - so different in its essence - and so rich in its tradition - one american and the other thai finally found that ... they have the same inetersts.

Group SKS365 is registered company (probably in) Innsbruck (Austria) and operate as a website "planetwin 365"is a new sponsor of FIKBMS/WAKO kickboxing.
Gambling, sport betting, ... future of the sport

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