Saturday, December 10, 2011

POLAND: AZS - TV launched

Is this the opportunity to promote savate on university level in Poland?

WARSZAWA – The 25th of November 2011 was a critical moment for the Polish University Sport Association (AZS) – that day came into operation the first TV station in AZS – AZStv.
Till now the Polish Association promoted its activities on AZS clubs websites, in monthly magazine “University Sports Review”, and in recent years on its site. Now to all these media, television has been added. It has been working only for few days now, so it’s too early to estimate its effectiveness, but surely AZS entered a new era thanks to AZStv.
The idea of creating a television channel was born among two members of the AZS club from Opole: Tomasz Wrobel and Tomasz Zajaczkowski. When AZS activists were looking for a new method to voice the AZS work, it turned out that television (especially internet television) today is one of the most popular tools of selling information to the general public. “Nowadays people read less, because it takes time. They prefer to see information compounds as good made short films, with an interesting, funny comment. Information served in such manner reaches the audience easier and faster than prepared in any other method.” – says Tomasz Wrobel.
The preparations of the TV Channel took a year. The guys with their heads full of concepts had a lot of work during the preparatory year – everything was done and funded by them. They worked out plans and assumptions of the TV, created a logo, built a web page and prepared some trial materials. Camera operator and editor, Przemyslaw Nikiel turned out a big support for the TV. He joined the TV staff and now is responsible for the technical preparations of AZStv. The forth member of the staff is the mysterious „Kuguar” (his/her identity and role in AZStv are still unknown).
The young journalists don’t intend to work alone. They look for a co-operation with the AZS members and clubs. It is possible that we will see the effects of the cooperation soon. Short after a debut of the TV Channel, AZS clubs and environments consider to air their films, materials or prepare new programs for the first TV station within the Association.
What kind of materials we will see on AZStv? First of all, information about AZS activities. During the academic year, the Association organizes Polish University Championships in a dozen disciplines and several other smaller and bigger sport events, conferences and trainings. “AZStv is a good opportunity to reveal AZS from the inside. We would like to promote innovative things, initiatives in our Association, we’re not afraid to raise tough subjects. And because we like to surprise our viewers, don’t be astonished when we catch you with a camera somewhere unexpectedly at 7 o’clock a.m.”, Tomasz explained.
Although AZStv has just started, the TV staff already thinks about the future. “It will be perfect when every region ofPoland, where the AZS exists, has its own TV staff with young journalists, who will prepare films and programs for AZStv. It could be a very good start to a career in professional media for young people. In the future we also plan to do reports from international competitions and make programs in different languages.”
AZStv started its activities successfully. During the first days of working, its website registered around 3,000 viewers and this number still goes up. A good sign!

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