Wednesday, February 08, 2012

ITALY: Max Grecco "Max The Greek" about savate

Milan - October 2011. Claude Alberton was on camera for a moment.

To put together all his words would be like this:
Savate is kickboxing is chauss fight is savate pro it is all the same and all together (some kind of relative theory). French are nationalists and so they give licenses just to ones they like. (Probably Max the Greek don't know nothing about Sportaccord and FISav - International savate federation).
And he further speaks about joining Chauss fight aka savate pro organisation. He claims that with this move kickboxing and savate will profit and will be saved because these days people watch only MMA.
Oh yes, I forgot. He said that savate lost its popularity because of all american films like kickboxer 1,2,3,4,..n and because of growing K1 popularity.
Now I know why Italy is in such deep economical crises. It seems that there is no logic in this country.

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