Saturday, July 13, 2013

AIBA boxing: All boxers data will be transparent in the future

Marius Vizers's vision about world championships of all Sportaccord combat sport together in one city at the same time instead of elite World combat games programme will change participation in many IF - International federations. You will have to choose whether for savate or kickboxing or boxing because you wouldn't be able to compete in two systems at the same time. And this politics (I agree) will change activities in many IF because they wouldn't be able to borrow competitors from other Sportaccord combat sports. And AIBA is making the next step toward this goal.
In the near future every sport will have to develop its own stabile population and competitors or face the fact of being thrown out from Sportaccord. It's so easy. No speculations anymore  beetwen kickboxing, boxing and savate and filling categories with the same people in all three systems.,%202013.pdf

We are pleased to announce today the launch of the new AIBA Database.

As you will see from the attached simplified User Guide, AIBA has developed a Database which is easy to use and which provides different functions to assist the work of its National Member Federations.

The web address of the new AIBA Database is and the login username and password is the same as what has been used for the registration of the AIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments in 2012 and AIBA Competitions thereafter

One of the major functions in the new AIBA Database is the National Federations Module. In this Module, all National Federations will be able to add and edit information on Boxers, Coaches, Referees & Judges, Ringside Doctors, Physiotherapists and other affiliated members of the National Federations. This will allow all National Federations to manage and maintain control over their own Boxing Family within the AIBA Database.

Additional features are the Entries and Registration for the AOB Competitions, the APB Competition Management and the Local Organizing Committee function in case you host an AIBA and/or Confederation Competition. Detailed functions, advantages and instructions on how to use the new AIBA Database can be found in the attached AIBA Database User Guide.

The AIBA HQs Office is pledged to continue improving this Database by developing more features and will do its best to accommodate any assistance you might need to manage the National Federations’ Module in the AIBA Database.

If we can be of any further assistance to you in this matter, please contact us via The full version of the User Guide will soon be available on the AIBA website.

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