Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cali won the host of The World Games 2013

käˈlē, city (1993 pop. 1,641,498), capital of Valle del Cauca dept., W Colombia, on the Cali River. It is an industrial and commercial center of the upper Cauca valley. Coffee, cotton, sugarcane, and soybeans are shipped through the city; and tires, tobacco products, textiles, paper, chemicals, and building materials are manufactured. Cali is also a tourist center. The city was founded in 1536, but its growth is relatively recent, with the population more than doubling in the 1950s. In the city are two universities and the headquarters of the Cauca valley development project, which is modeled after the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Cauca River has been drained for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and flood prevention. Cali's landmarks include an aqueduct and a cathedral. In the late 1980s and early 90s the city gained notoriety for the cocaine "cartel" based there.

Yes very nice place to feel very sporty these days.


Latin America continues to gain prominence in the world of sports and it shows it more each year with a bigger amount of first class events held throughout and across the subcontinent.
As an example, Brazil was able to be the World Cup in 2014 and host with Rio de Janeiro for the olympic games of 2016
Colombia wants to continue investing in sports and in 2010 organized the South American Games in Medellin, but the bet spread recently when Santiago de Cali was officially nominated host of The World Games 2013.
Originally, the German cities of Duisburg and Dusseldorf were organizing the ninth edition, but parliament refused the budget for the games due to economic crisis in the region.
Immediately the International World Games Association (IWGA), chaired by Ron Froehlich German, came to finding a replacement for the 2013 edition and there appeared Santiago de Cali (Colombia) and Johannesburg (South Africa) in another clear demonstration of african growth . The South African city based his candidacy on infrastructure and development that will leave the World Cup next year but it was not enough.
During the last World Games made with great success in Kaohsiung (Chinese Taipei), the IWGA signed the letter of intent with the Mayor of Santiago de Cali to host the 2013 World Games for the first time in South America. The final contract will be signed in September.
Cali hosted numerous international sporting events and has an extraordinary experience that promises to dump it to organize the best games ever, hard work after seeing what Taiwan showed in Kaohsiung wich dazzled the world for ten days.
The Games in the capital of Valle del Cauca will be contesting from July 25th to Agust 5th 2013 and is expecting more than 5.000 athletes from 120 nations in nearly forty sports discipline where skating is the big star of the games as one of the most popular sports in the country. It could also be the farewell to the discipline of the games if we joined the Olympic family in Agust 13.
The Skating rink used in the World Cup 2007 would be the scene for our discipline to the World Games 2013 and would suffer major renovations to adapt it to an international stature event.
Pascual Guerrero will lead the Organizing Committee of Cali 2013.But there will also be a familiar face to the rink given that the General Coordinator will be Jose Luis Echeverry, who led the organization of the ICC World Cup Speed Skating in 2007.
With this Games we look foward to modernize the city and it will worked under the slogan ¨ World Games for a clean Planet! "So it would bear in mind the ecology, environment and new technologies.

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