Friday, February 19, 2010

Kings choose Wu-shu ... in Norway

Kim Gibson from Norway wins special award

Kim Gibson a taolu athlete from Norway has received the highest sports award in Norway for recognition of sporting achievement in wushu. The Norwegian Olympic Committee has a special sports award “The Trophy of His Majesty the King of Norway”. Only certain sports are selected to receive this award and wushu has been included. The recipient is selected from Norwegian national champions.
In fact this trophy means so much for Norwegian athletes that many of their world champions in Alpine skiing, Cross country skiing, javelin throwing etc rank the King's Trophy higher than their World and Olympic titles! Kim pointed out that “It's hard to explain how much it means to a none Norwegian, it is very special to us. This is so huge for me, but also huge for Wushu in Norway, that the King's trophy has chosen Wushu to be a worthy sport to award this magnificent and rare trophy”. The cup itself is made of 83% pure silver, with a unique design that has been the same since the first King's trophy was made 126 years ago, in 1883.
The awarding committee jury consider all the Norwegian wushu champions as to who deserves it most. Apparently the jury had a long discussion as there were many good contestants and after a vote the decision went to Kim and he was elected the winner.
Message from the EWuF President.

CONGRATULATION to Kim Gibson and to wushu in Norway.

Achievements like this are a clear sign that wushu is truly developing in the European and World sports arena. It is a great success that wushu has risen to the position of being included in the Kings Trophy, "Kongepokalen". This award is good for all of us and we should feel very proud of the Wushu section of the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation for his great achievement.
Well done Kim on being awarded this prestigious trophy and your most excellent personal success. I hope that Kim’s example will encourage many more young athletes to dedicate their time and effort to serious training.

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