Friday, March 19, 2010

French boxing - Savate: France (Melun) vs. Poland

The young ambassadors of Savate

An international Savate seminar took place in Poland between 1st and 7th March. This event, led by Mr Mohamed Dehimi under the aegis of the International Savate Federation, had two objectives.

The first objective was the promotion of Savate in Poland by giving demonstrations and training in the discipline as well as an international encounter between teams from Melun and Poland. The second objective was the involvement of young people from the neighborhoods of Melun. These young Savateurs initiated the Polish students in Savate and gave demonstrations in high schools and colleges.

Authorized by the President of FISAV, Mr. Gilles Le Duigou and the Polish Federation, their trainer, Mr Mohamed Dehimi, ran technical gradings for the Polish savateurs and awarded diplomas for coloured gloves. The days were full, with demonstrations in the high schools and colleges in the morning, and in the clubs in the evening. With their trainer, the fighters braved the cold and the snow and travelled 160 km a day between the three cities.

A satisfactory result for the President, Mr. Gilles Le Duigou, and for Mr. Mohamed Dehimi - the Polish savateurs made good technical progress and the young melunais fighters proved to be ambassadors of Savate and were a credit to our discipline.

David Pauly (Melun, France)

Kaya Hasan

Malik Delalu


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