Thursday, March 11, 2010

WSB Board approves significant tournament details

10 March 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland

Picture caption: The WSB Board of Directors, Dr C. K. Wu (third from left), AIBA President and Chairman of the WSB Board, Mr Ho Kim (right), acting CEO of the WSB and, from left, Mr Ivan Khodabakhsh, WSB COO, Dr Humbert Furgoni, Mr David Francis, Mr Julian Barnes and Mr Jonathan Cocke.

The Board of Directors of the World Series of Boxing SA met today in Lausanne to discuss the most important items of business for the preparatory phase of the tournament, including the public relations campaign to launch the tournament, the first test event and concepts for the development of WSB referees, judges and coaches.
The budget and outline of a global public relations campaign were approved by the WSB Board. This will help to promote the brand identity of the World Series of Boxing (WSB) at global level and assist WSB franchises with the development and implementation of their own plans at local level. In parallel, the WSB website will be further developed to include complete franchise information, boxer biographies and a more prominent news focus. A competition database will also be developed to integrate all schedule information, results and statistics relating to the tournament.
The Board also approved the budget for the first WSB test event, which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 21st April, prior to the start of the AIBA Youth World Championships. Before the test event, boxers, coaches, referees and judges will attend a training camp to help them prepare for the test event, which will be a dry run for a full evening of competition using the WSB competition format and rules. The training camp will be held at the Italian Boxing Federation's flagship facilities in Assisi, from where all participants will fly directly to Baku for the test event.
Preparatory work is well under way regarding the appointment of match officials. The Board heard that all AIBA 3-star referees and judges have been contacted regarding the possibility to officiate at WSB matches. Furthermore, a substantial number of AIBA registered coaches have applied to be considered for the WSB. These names are automatically entered into a pool from which the franchise teams can select their coaching staff. The Board also agreed in principle to the league schedule for the regular season.
Due to the excellent working relations with the International Olympic Committee, the WSB head office staff will be able to move into the MSI (Maison du Sport International, the House of International Sport) in Lausanne in April. The agreement will see the IOC move into the premises currently occupied by the WSB, while WSB staff will in exchange occupy one entire floor of the MSI "A" vacated by the IOC, with a second floor to follow in July.
In order to monitor closely the significant expenditure committed to by the WSB over the coming months and beyond, Mr David Francis, Chairman of the AIBA Finance Commission, was appointed as the WSB Treasurer and thus becomes an ex officio member of the Board. Furthermore, the WSB fiscal year was adopted as 1st July to 30th June in order to coincide with the WSB season.

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