Saturday, October 30, 2010

Verona savate?

When somebody from Verona asks why their "figting" is not savate, when you observe and comment their kickboxing in shoes the answer is very easy.
Because there was no savate official FISa club in Verona all these years:
As we know in Italian region Veneto - there is just FIKB - kickboxing, and in Friuli some kind of MMA and Penchak Silat with Marko Brondani.

Maybe that kind of savate exist in FIKB - Italian kickboxing federation, but we all know that FISa and FIKB are separated and also savate is not kickboxing?

But to be real Italian savate club - the best way is to join FISa and to start also with canne de combat and assaut as parts of savate - the whole sport.

My comment on tryings to join kickboxing and savate is this video:

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