Friday, October 29, 2010

You know why are they afraid of assaut?

Because kickboxers don't know nothing about savate technique.
They would be disqualified in the first seconds of every assaut fight because of the "NON SAVATE TECHNIQUE". But there is another posibility. You go to combat where nobody except French team knows nothing about savate and in this way you compete in the same kickboxing brotherhood. There is no technique, no strategy it is just that "Tough Guy" expression on your face. So typical for a Balcane region nations.


Anonymous said...

I really do not know what you have against the Balkan countries.

Probably your competitors are doing just assaut and have somehow to justify their cowardice, or your inability to train them!
Write that only the French are doing savate in combat is just stupid.

I don't know why you are doing it but stop to spit on our sport and the Balkan competitors. This is not civilized.

If you want something to prove show it to the ring do not tell lies about other people whom you envy

Anonymous said...

The truth is that most countries in FIS do savate just once a year - on a combat championship.
This is the problem of FIS and savate and not the problem of that kind of "combat" countries.