Sunday, July 10, 2011

Full Contact sports: How to eliminate opponents or on the other hand how to evade this behaviour

Big problem in sport - martial arts and combat sports is not illegal betting but fixing the tournament results. But in certain time this behaviour can lead also to illegal betting.
Who is interested in it?
Multi martial art and combat sport federations who have tournaments in many different disciplines. If they don't succed in that one .... they plan succes in another one.
And they find federations where registration of sportsman is not an annual regular duty - and this is it.

If these federations cooperate in the field of kickboxing they calculate their annual results and financial benefits  which they get from they Ministry of sport or Olympic Committee (for kickboxing) and they plan further activities how to cover this missing gap in another martial art federation with another results (for example savate,  or other federation).

In this way we can discover the stagnation of other paralel sports (savate or other) in comparison to the primary one these federations are practicing (kickboxing for example).

In full contact sports they are even stronger that in light contact versions, because they can eliminate as a group every opponent.
In their fixed and arranged fight beetwen known and expected opponents they don't spend much of their energy and they don't hurt each other. Also they can discover tactics of their opponents so they investigate them through different regimes of fighting. They can also prepare opponents for their chossen winner with tactics of hurting it in the specific points and then they inform the chossen winner what is the the target (knee, leg muscles, ribs, ...).

In this way we can measure every year less countries in that kind of federation's full contact sport disciplines. Every year worse quality of fighters. We don't find specific technique and tactique needed for a specific martial art or combat sport competing in. Disciplines like that after some years start to die. And dying of the sport martial art or combat sport discipline is not the process that their true adepts want ...

How to stop them? How to stop that kind of non-sportive behaviour? How to improve fair play?

- Start to cooperate with IOC and EOC in the field of illegal betting and ...

- Start with identifying which federations are part of NOC - National Olympic Committees and achieve their recognition in all NOC and to support and strenghten the activities of these recognised members

- To sanction federations who don't develop in progressing their sport in their country and not getting always needed finance support from Ministry of Sport or NOC (with achieved results ...)

- To santction all sitting on two chairs at the same time (kickboxing , muay thai, boxing, savate and other activities at the same time (and also sometimes as multination representative)) - and help federations who specialise with all clubs only in one sport (savate for example)

- To start with ARISF recognition and IOC recognition like sambo did with much shorter history than (for example : savate) - every national olympic committee should recognise for example: national savate federation - legaly established with correct procedure (not as a club or multi martial art federation but specialised federation for example - savate federation))

- Annual registration and passports for all competitors, that can be revised everytime during the year and to fix weight or height categories. In this way it could be possible to discover also how many competitors that kind of system has in each category. Also it is possible to make some statistic about several nations competitors, who represented in their competitive history many continents and countries.

- To protect the name of the discipline and also all "know how" of teaching

- To promote sport through universal and accepted martial art supllier - which is distributer of martila rat goods and sponsor of many events (seminars, stages, clinics, competitions, ...)

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