Sunday, July 10, 2011

WAPSAC: New "savate" member in Sardinia and other misunderstandings

WAPSAC - (Liguria regional kickboxing federation) and also domain for the website of Marco Costaguta and Christian Robert new International savate federation called also
World Association of Professisonal Savate And ChaussFight.

WAPSAC has an interesting gym (representative) in Sardinia:
Did you see any savate activity in its description?

Accademia Moros

and member of national:

Provincia: Sassari
Comune: Sassari
Indirizzo: Via Gorizia 40/b
Telefono: 3385844530
Orario di apertura settimanale: 15-22
Giorno di chiusura: Sab-dom

Presentazione della struttura
Palestra in via Gavino Matta 4 a Sassari
Arti marziali: Muay Thai, Kaliradman, Totalcombat, Autodifesa, Yoga
Direttore Tecnico: Mr. Giancarlo Casula
Affiliata: FIKB (Italian kickboxing federation), Mangdirigma Italia-federazione italiana arti marziali filippine, CSEN (Centro Sportivo educativo Nazionale), Aitma (Association Institute Thai Martial Arts), Pckeam (Philippine Council Kali Eskrima Arnis Masters).

But on the other hand we have an ACSI - SAVATE member

called ACCADEMIA MUAY THAI BONORVA the same region and city

Provincia: Sassari
Comune: Bonorva
Indirizzo: VIA TURATI 2
Telefono: 3486958973 - 3492441089
Orario di apertura settimanale: Lun.-Mer.-Ven.- orario: 18.30 - 22.30

Presentazione della struttura
Presentazione della struttura
CORSI di:Savate Boxe Francaise; K1 Style; Shoot Boxe; Thai Boxe; Muay Thai Tradizionale; Difesa Personale; Antiaggressione femminile; corsi per bambini dai 6 anni di età.

With some help in Italy we find responsible man of the gym: Angelo Lai

and when we looked at Angelo Lai we found that there are three so called savate clubs totaly uknown to anybody and without legal representative or better not registered as should clubs be registered in Italian sport. Let's say we are talking about savate sections or savate departments not legally registered.  Crazy is this Italian living :)

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