Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HBO Boxing - Keith Thurman (USA) vs Jan Zaveck (Slovenia ?)

Dejan Zavec - police officer and ex Minister of interior - Katarina Kresal (right)

Dejan Zavec - policeman (as a professional he compete for a German not Slovenian club)
Olympic Committee of Slovenia recognise policeman's professional results as amateur AIBA.
 AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu doesn't complain. It is an AIBA - Azerbaijan - Olympic games London 2012 medals offer reform program.

Keith - 24 years (almost youth category) never boxed 12 round totaly crushed ex- IBF champion -66,678 kg Jan Zaveck who predicted with 36 year and almost 140 fights his BIG time. It was a battle beetwen German - ortodox boxing school (sadly never really succesful on Olympic games) and fluent american professional technique of noble art. Inteligent young fighter Keith Thurman won almost all rounds (8th round was given as a symbol of american hospitality to Zaveck). Rio de Janeiro Olympic games will give all opportunities also to professional boxers to step into ring with amateur fighters so - let's wait til 2016 when boxing will become one without any IBX, XOB, YWA versions. Will AIBA and IOC keep its promise? We will see.


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