Friday, August 22, 2008

10th world WTF and ITF taekwondo festival & Korea Open


The 10th anniversary of World Taekwondo Festival and Korea Classic Open 2008 was ended extending over 5 days, competing in the presence of 1,500+ people attending from 53 countries across the different parts of the world.
This will be remembered not only as the first instance of an ever lasting dream of WTF being together with ITF, rewriting a book of Taekwondo history but also as one of most productive and beneficial time spent by the members in attendance as we would reconfirm that “we are one thru Taekwondo.“
The time spent and the results produced will unite all WTF +ITF members world wide with better understanding and harmony for true family environment.

How to explain that we have two versions of taekwondo? No need to explain - because they say they are united under the name of the same word taekwondo. Should it be the same for boxing? English, American, Thai, French, Kick and other versions of boxing?

Here - both versions compete together but of course separate by ITF (non-olympic) and WTF (olympic) rules.

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