Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Taekwondo Football" at McArthur High School

Promotional video for comBATON's Tournament of Games, Game #1. comBATON has some similarities to football but instead of blocking and tackling, players contact their opponent(s) with martial art kicks. Two teams play on a field approximately the size of an high school gym, there are 3 players on each team. A baton is used as the focus of the game as would a football, soccer ball or basketball would be for their games. The offense has control of the baton. The offensive player with possession of the baton can score on their opponent's goal pole by dislodging it with a martial art kick. Around the goal the strategy has similarities to basketball in that the baton can be thrown to teammates in order to find the open player in position to shoot on the goal and score. Take-downs and grappling are permitted on each end of the field in an area known as the strike zone. Go to for more details.

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