Friday, August 01, 2008

Sport Insider - AGFIS Magazine for International Sports Federations


New martial arts opportunity !!!!! Martial art games - announced by AGFIS in their newsletter 2008 No.6.


The newsletter for the international sports federations and associations.

The Sport Insider newsletter, published in partnership with AGFIS / GAISF, is the new weekly resource providing essential information for any organisation that has an interest in the affairs of the sports movement.
The Sport Insider newsletter is delivered every Wednesday to all international sports federations that belong to AGFIS / GAISF and the International Olympic Committee Executive Board, facilitating communication within the industry by helping the sports movement keep up to date with how each individual organisation is progressing.

It provides news on:
* Federation politics
* Administrative issues
* Organisation and format of competitions
* The relationships of the federations to the Olympic movement
* People moves
* Regulations and legislation affecting sports bodies and much more

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