Monday, November 24, 2008


The best open championship of savate assaut in Europe (outside France) held on 22th November 2008 in the center of Milano, Lombardia, Italy. We hope that this tournament in MILAN would become one of the strongest club open events. Alfredo Lallo, Giorgio Castoldi - thank you.

Vittorio (Ecole De Combat - ROME) vs. Caggiero (Doria - GENOVA)

Stefano (Ecole De Combat - ROME) vs. Ignoto

Team - MAMELI SAVATE CLUB dates from 1908 - (GENOVA)

Team - Slovenia

Source: The biggest Croatian fight site

Assaut GALA: (20:30 - saturday)
Parisian Karim Guillard and Roman Mirko Bezziccheri in category (- 75kg). Both athletes showed beautiful combinations, spectacular and very balanced fight

Combat GALA between Ivan Sforza (Switzerland) and Fabio Defeldilta (Italy) and the victory was decreed to the Swiss Ivan Sforza.

Chauss fight:
International challenge between the Luca Sacco (Italy - Piemont) and Laurent Clermont (Switzerland).
For the first time in Italy was presented Chauss Fight - the new version of Pro SAVATE. The athletes wear long trousers to bare torso, shoes and shin-protectors and fighters can hit as well with shoes as with tibia (and are allowed to neutralize opponents low kicks with leg blocks). Luca Sacco won.

Carla RoncarĂ  (Italy) vs. Giacoma Cordio (Sicily - Italy).

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