Thursday, November 20, 2008

Serge Bulanov, Russian Savate Federation

Who are you?

My name is Serge Bulanov. I was born in Feodosia, Crimea, USSR. Now I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I have been educated to the highest level in two areas: technical and sportive. I am a doctor of pedagogy (the science of being a teacher).

serge_p_m.jpgHow did you get involved in Savate?

From my childhood I was fond of Martial Arts. At first, I practiced contact karate, and then I practiced English boxing. In 1986, a delegation of the French Federation of Savate Boxe Francaise (Gilles Le Duigou and Patrice Beaux) visited Russia. I saw Savate and I was really surprised, because it was the best combat sport, I had ever seen.
I have practiced Savate since 1986. In 1990, I organized my own club and became a coach. For popularizing Savate in Saint-Petersburg, at first I was organizing Savate competitions in a little boxing-bar 1 or 2 times every month. It attracted a lot of fighters of different combat sports. Nowadays we are organizing all-Russian and international Savate competitions in the biggest Palace of Sport in Saint-Petersburg. The Saint-Petersburg Savate Federation (which I am the president of) now has 12 member clubs. Over all these years the biggest help, support and encouragement for me has been from my wife Tatiana, who believes Savate is a perfect combat sport. During this time, we have popularized Savate widely in Russia and now our regional Savate departments are working in many different regions of Russia. We have achieved official recognition of Savate by the Ministry of Sport of our country. Russian fighters are in the world elite of Savate, both in combat and assaut, not only due to their strong character but also to their perfect technique and tactics.

What do you think you have achieved in Savate?

During my job as a coach, I have prepared 2 World champions, 2 European champions and a winner of the 1st World University Cup. A lot of my fighters have become silver and bronze medalists in European and World Championships. I have analyzed all this long experience of practical work and written the first dissertation about Savate in Russia on the theme: Methods of technical, tactical, physical and psychological preparation in Savate.

What is your role in Savate today?

I’m the Professor of Saint-Petersburg Lesgaft Physical Culture University. I prepare coaches and judges for Savate. Also I am vice-president and chief coach of Russian Savate Federation and a member of the CDI, chief of the Chauss’fight commission and a member of the commission of arbitrage.

What do you think about the international development in Savate?

Thinking about the international development of Savate we must take several steps:
1. We must really popularize Savate in Europe by organizing a lot of national and international competitions both in assaut and combat in many European countries.
2. We need Savate to be shown much more often on TV.
3. It is important to begin to organize World and European Championships for cadets.
4. We need professional Savate combat to make Savate more well-known all over the world and more attractive for all martial arts fighters and fans.


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hello sir serge Bulanov, Russian savate fedration dear sir i read u r biografi it is very intrested. i m attaullah durrani from afghanistan savate fedration i m working here as president basically i m boxing and teakwando player i represented my country in saveral international events like 11th asian games in beijing in boxing 5th south asian games colmbo 1991 i won gold medal for my country and gold medal in iran and than i participate in teakwando in pakistan i won gold medal wehen i saw savate i liked it and open a acadmy in afghanistan know im permoting saate in afghanistan.