Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Westcoast 2009 - Lemmens (IAKSA) family and Jean Pierre Julemont savate seminar

Jean Pierr Julemont in action.

23th - 26th of July in Albersdorf, Germany.

Maitre Jean Pierre Julemont
Aus Frankreich kommt der Boxe Francaise und La Canne Experte Jean Pierre Julemont angereist, um den Teilnhemer die Kampfkunst der französischen Edelleute näher zu bringen. Seine Seminare in der Vergangenheit waren immer ausgebucht!

(From France savate master Jean Pierre Julemont is coming to a seminar called "Westcoast". All his past seminars were always crowded.)
Just my comment - isn't Jean Pierre Julemont from Belgium? A. Walnier's Belgium team instructor?

Lemmens Family
Selbstverständlich darf die Lemmens Familie nicht fehlen. Auch sie wird einige Kurse leiten!



Hubert Gérin said...

Yes, jean-Pierre Julemont is a belgian French Boxing (savate) instructor and champion (Europe Champion 1970). He's living in verviers (near Eupen/ belgium) and very active in promoting French Boxing; he was also advisor concerning fightings on a famous french TV serial "Les Brigades du Tigre"
Hubert Gérin (one of his pupils)

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