Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to : Money laundering- EU funds

You have an influental father in law or some other important relative?
Is he the main representative for scienece and knowledge organisation in your country?
If so, go to next step.
Find a fantastic club with reputation of drug dealing activities. Be careful. They ussualy don't adress this way :).
Ussualy they protect themselves with high annual membership fees. But this is just a small trick of accounting. They use it to launder and to legalize all the money they collect on streets (when they put it on their account as memberships). And this is easier with higher memberships.

So - tell your father in law that you have good company and that he can win on some public EU tender with your club for preserving European heritage.
OK. Next step is (when you have some 50.000 EUR for example) to sign a contract with your new friend's club to rent their gym for your historical activities that improoves your national identity. Hell yes. But take care: In this case your friends will rise the prices to rent their gym as you would rent Taj Mahal.
So: High gym rentals.

How much money they will return you in cash is just a way of tax levels in your country. Take care and good luck with your buddies.

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