Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Italian system of logical statements about savate sport

In the beggining it was nothing ...

Then it was

Italian kickboxing federation - FIKB

Then we realized that we also need

Italian savate federation - FISa

And at the end of these funny story we have FIKBMS:
Italian kickboxing - muay thai - savate federation - FIKBMS
recognised by Italian authorities.

http://www.fikb.it - ex FIKB
, now FIKBMS

And how did diplomas transform during this time, through various organisations/federations?
Why can't we find Italian savate federation in CONI - Italian Olympic Committee - it is said that this one is recognised by FIS - International savate federation? And the only one :)

First example: Daniele Abate
(his club is in FISa and in FIKBMS (ex FIKB)
He practice kickboxing and savate

His savate diplomas in FISa (january 2011)

His savate diplomas in FIKBMS (ex FIKB) (October or January 2009)
(we respect your comments. thank you.)-->> removed

Second example:
Alessandri Luigi (his club is in FISa and in FIKBMS (ex FIKB)
He practice kickboxing and savate



Anonymous said...

see that



you can check the autenticity...



Anonymous said...

- I pratice savate sin the 1987
- my first savate diplome is in UIBFS with master Jean Ingrato (France) National CT in italy years ago.
- you means ecoledecombat.it in italy, the master is Marco Gilotti, my dear friend sin 1989.
- you talk of small trick, i'm seriuous person.
-you can ask to M° Lallo in Fisa, Master Cortese in CSEN, M° Gilotti (ex FENASCO- federcombat - FIST - FISA), Alessio Smeriglio, and many other.


Practically forever and have always been forced to follow CHANGE OF TYPES OF ASSOCIATIONS.


you can ask information direcly to official federation with may name.

i'm sorry but there are not trick.

whit love


Anonymous said...

I forgot to say what the most important:

i'm not children, i'm 40.

Now i'm FISA region responsible of savate in Trentino Alto Adige

and few years ago i was IAKSA region responsable of Savate in Lazio (RM)

you can check.


dear friend,
you are in italy??

Anonymous said...

Organization Chart FISA


Daniele Abate

Anonymous said...

remember, you can check the first photo in 1991 (i've 19)

Daniele Abate (left)
Master Ingrato (center)
my friend Fabrizio Santori (right)

Anonymous said...

For information, in 2008-2009-2010 the Fikb have the savate with director M° Alfredo Lallo (now FISA) you are not informed ;)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello President
The Spanish are being seriously discriminated
two years

I have tried to solve this problem without fuss but
Mr. Gilles and Mrs. Julie now have not heard my words.

Mr President a national president can not accept that invade their national jurisdiction.
Mr. Gilles and Mrs. Julie are now doing everything we can to make Spain a savate department
within the Spanish Boxing Federation English
Mr. Gilles has been twice to Spain to take agreements with Mr. Manolo Planas a
person of Spanish kickboxing wako affiliate.
Mr. Gilles never informed me at these meetings.
Mr. Gilles spend money to countries in undemocratic actions against a national president
who was democratically elected by the Spanish

Mr President I have met twice with representatives of the Spanish Boxing Federation English in Madrid.
The conditions offered Boxing Federation English is very bad and I can not accept them
because they directly harm the development of savate in Spain.

Spanish Boxing Federation English only wants to raise more money for them

Mr President I have known you and neighborhoods for years I have always complied
with the laws of the FIS and have always paid the membership fee.

President I ask for your help!!

The Spanish want to decide our future ourselves and we can not accept that
a French and English decide for us this is not democratic!

No article of the statutes autirizan the president of the
FIS to invade the powers of the national presidents.

I await your response please.

Hola Presidente
Los españoles estamos siendo gravemente discriminados
desde hace dos años

yo he intentado solucionar este problema sin escandalo pero
el señor Gilles y ahora la señora Julie no han escuchado mis palabras.

Señor Presidente un presidente nacional no puede aceptar que se invadan sus competencias nacionales.
El señor Gilles y ahora la señora Julie estan haciendo todo lo posible para que España sea un
departamento de savate dentro de la Federacion Española de Boxeo Ingles
el señor Gilles ha venido en dos ocasiones a españa para tomar acuerdos con el señor
Manolo Planas una persona del kick boxing español afiliado en wako.
El señor Gilles nunca me a informado de estas reuniones.
El señor Gilles gasta el dinero de los paises en hacer actos antidemocraticos contra un
presidente nacional que a sido elegido democráticamente por los españoles

Señor Presidente yo me he reunido en dos ocasiones con los representantes de la
Federacion española de Boxeo ingles en Madrid.
Las condiciones que ofrece la Federacion de Boxeo Ingles son muy malas y yo no
puedo aceptarlas porque perjudican directamente el desarrollo del savate en España.

La Federacion Española de Boxeo ingles solo quiere recaudar mas dinero para ellos

Señor Presidente usted y yo nos conocemos desde hace barios años yo siempre
ha cumplido con las leyes de la FIS y siempre hemos pagado la cuota de afiliacion.

¡¡¡¡ Presidente Yo le pido su ayuda !!!!

Los Españoles queremos decidir nosotros mismos nuestro futuro y no podemos aceptar
que un frances y un ingles decidan por nosotros ¡¡¡ esto no es democratico !!!
Ningun articulo de los estatutos autirizan al presidente de la FIS a invadir las
competencias de los presidentes nacionales.

Espero su respuesta por favor.

Saludos deportivos

José Gil Ibernón
Presidente de A.E.S
Miembro del comite director de la F.I.S

Sede de A.E.S C/ Avila Nº 28
Mataró (08304)
Barcelona España( Spain)
Telf: + 034 93 798 84 71

Asociacion Española de Savate
Afiliada en la C.E.S (Confederacion Europea de Savate)
Afiliada en la F.ISavate.