Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sports television- the first specialized TV channel in Croatia



On December 16th 2010, Sports television, the first specialized digital television channel based on the decision of the Council for Electronic Media, was granted the national concession.

Although the competition was fierce the company HOO TV Ltd., which is 100% owned by the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC), obtained this right. Thereby the COC, as a component of the international Olympic movement, is written down in history as a pioneer of the global sports movement in the use of modern digital achievements.

Precisely the use of digital technology achievements is one of the fundamental recommendations of the 13th Olympic Congress ( held in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 5th 2009), not only in terms of adaptation but also in terms of initiatives in order for sports and Olympism to be more accessible and open for the community.

A part of this process in the Croatian Olympic Committee was consultation with all national sports federations and other members of the COC and the establishment of the e COC Council’s Committee for digitalization and new media, headed by M.Sc. Petar Cavlovic, specialist for the telecommunications market. The members of the Committee are the following: Ivan Skoro (COC Council), Smiljanka Skugor-Hrncevic (Hina), Aleksandra Supica (T-HT), Maja Indic (the Croatian Softball Association) and the secretary of the Committee Gordana Gacesa, the representative of the COC for public relations. Sports television must begin operations within 90 days after the publication of the decision on the concession in the Official Gazette and according to assessments, in early April 2011.

A number of distinguished persons from the International and European Olympic movement gave their support and congratulated on this important event for Croatian sports. Zlatko Matesa, the president of the COC was among the first to be congratulated by the heads of European Olympic Committees and the International Olympic Committee. He rated the concession as a historic milestone of Croatian sports and the crowning achievement of Croatian athletes who are well respected in international sports.

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