Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Savate stage - Fathi Mira in a special PRO English boxing AIBA - WSB gym in Milan, Italy

The biggest historical rivals - English and French boxing found cooperation in a neutral zone - Italy of course. In an excellent WSB (World series of boxing - AIBA pro) Thunder gym in Milan everything looked perfect. Everybody found savate interesting that day.

Fathi Mira - ex-competitor in savate and one of the best Frech trainers these days:

In this gym Silvia La Notte teach also so called "bambini" - I think that this world means children. But not savate. I think it is kickboxing. FIKBMS - kicboxing. FIKBMS is federation that wants to steal savate from FISA - Italian savate federation. Touchy :).

Can you feel some secret connections in martial art world ?


Anonymous said...

Great Stage!!!
our gym (Rovereto Fitness Club) has participated with 15 students (are in the first photo).

Daniele A.

Daniele said...

Rovereto Fitness Club