Tuesday, March 01, 2011

FIKBMS - italian kickboxing federation National Championship without savate

FIKB and now transformed in FIKBMS - is totaly confused federation.
They announce kickboxing national championship with only WAKO recognised disciplines, but then we find in their inscription lists also MUAY THAI - which is IFMA recognise discipline by Sportaccord since 2006.

Then again we don't hear nothing about savate national championship on the same date - 25th March 2011.
There are rules which are different in just two different cases. Italian historical and traditional confusion?

This will be again very good case for IOC, Sportaccord, ARISF, CONI - Italian Olympic Committee and of corse Jacques, good old Jacques.

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Anonymous said...

FIKB really is without savate

the savate has created .FISA with President M. Alfredo Lallo.

Would be appropriate for the two associations finally reach an agreement to merge a better reality