Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slovenian minority society in Serbian town of Ruma where the home of Serbian savate is

After creation of Savate federation of Serbia (Vojvodina) and Savate federation of Slovenia (two ex Yugoslav republics (Bosnia and Croatia) lying beetween Slovenia and Serbia) some other society, club or something similar appeared. The name of institution is Slovenian minority group of Ruma, which (why not) practice also sport (maybe also savate). Slovenian minority group in Vojvodina, Serbia is nothing unusual. Imagine those residents of Vojvodina-Serbia with Slovenian roots which dance and sings typical alpine German-Austrain type of polka dances and songs in the middle of a very proud and traditional Serbian population. Brave. Very brave. Patriotic move. And imagine also that in Vojvodina they have also choir (slovenian minority (of course)) in Novi sad which sings typical Slovenian traditional songs (and don't compare these songs with OTTAWAN - Hands Up Baby Hands Up).

Savate club Vuk Ruma, Vojvodina, Serbia

Are you interested in comparison of Slovenian and (Vojvodina) Serbian traditional dances?
Take a look:

Vojvodina - Serbia example (from 2007 Doha Cultural Festival)
(the highest hill in Vojvodina - just a moment called also mountain - Fruska gora (pick at 539 meter))

Slovenian alpine style:
(the highest mountain in Slovenia called Triglav (pick at 2864 meter))

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