Tuesday, July 20, 2010

THE HIGH KICKER - A lady boxer from France - 22nd of June 1933

Subtitle for this story is: "A Lady Boxer from France." Introductory intertitle reads: "Madame is just one more of the growing band of Feminine athletes -" M/S of a man and woman dressed in white having a boxing match in the open air. M/S of the woman who does some stretching exercises in her skin tight cat suit! M/S of the woman lying on the ground doing some other exercises - leg stretches.

"In La Belle France, however, they do things differently - and here's where a real high-kicker scores" Madame does a bit of kick boxing. She seems to be getting the better of her male opponent. She forces him to the ground. "That's the way to train your Husband!" More footage of her silky skills including an excellent acrobatic kick to the head!

"And this way too - " Slow motion footage of Madame kicking her opponent in the shin. "The "slow" camera shows just the kind of tactics that score" Slow motion footage of a high kick. Film ends with the two combatants shaking hands with their boxing gloves on.

Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 629.

Safety print exists - also 16mm comb dupe neg & 16mm comb pos.

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