Tuesday, September 07, 2010

European championship Canne de combat 2010

The first two rounds of the Female Final of the 2010 European Canne de Combat Championships, held at the Leys Sports Complex, Cambridge, over the weekend of 4/5th September, between Selenia Claudin Mabire (France) and Marine Gaudin (France).

The last get-together and buffet meal following the finals of the 2010 European Canne de Combat Championships.

The Mens Final of the 2010 European Canne de Combat Championships held in Cambridge, between Florian Adami (France) and Benjamin Latt (France).

The Mens 3rd & 4th Play-Off in the 2010 European Canne de Combat Championships held in Cambridge, between Yoann Leray (France) and Thomas Horstmeyer (Germany).

European savate confederation writes:
The 2010 European Canne Championships took place in from the 3rd to the 5th September 2010 in Cambridge, Great Britain. Many athletes coming from several teams – France, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, Slovenia , ... took part in the competition as well as many officials and volunteers, without whom no competition is possible.
These championships were a good opportunity for all participants either to meet up for the first time or to catch up with friends, to share their passion and to (re)discover Cambridge. As for supporters and visitors, they were able to discover or rediscover the beauty displayed in a sport that combines such elegance and athleticism.
Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts, the club organising the event, had worked hard to host this competition and make the British public aware of this originally French sport still little known in the UK. Interviews in the newspapers and on the local radio allowed the people of Cambridge to discover this sport.
That weekend, those who came in person to find out what it was all about were quite clearly won over! Many thanks to the competitors for, once again, enthralling and impressing those who saw the matches. Thank you also to those athletes who put on memorable – both dextrous and funny – demonstrations of grand baton and canne defense.
Congratulations to Selenia Claudin Mabire (1st), Marine Gaudin (2nd), Cecile Serris (3rd) for the ladies and Florian Adami (1st); Benjamin Latt (2nd) et Yoann Leray (3rd) for the gents as well as for the teams of France, Germany and Hungary, who won well-deserved titles. Congratulations as well to the other competitors who also excelled themselves and displayed much talent, camaradie and fair play.
The competition days may have been frantic for all participants – competitors, officials and organisers alike, but the evenings were festive. The closing ceremony was an opportunity for all to come and relax in the swimming pool and sauna, then gather round a meal and drinks, where sportmanship and friendship no doubt met.

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