Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WAKO new own equipment brand

Will we make it also the same in savate?

The employee’s of WAKO GEAR are proud to announce the grand opening of the new WAKO GEAR online store. Our sole mission is to supply WAKO, THEIR NATIONAL FEDERATIONS ,DARE members, athletes, friends And family with the highest quality of competition martial arts gear for what we think is the lowest pricing in the industry.
Ennio Falsoni and your federation presidents have waited over 30 years to associate their corporate logo with a brand of equipment that meets the high standards of their organization.
Recently WAKO entered into an agreement to help support children with D.A.R.E., a world organization whose sole mission is to improve the lives of children around the world. With the purchase of every product you, the athlete will be helping these kids get a better education, reduce the peer pressure they face every day, encourage these kids to get involved with sports and help reduce the temptation of using drugs.
Because we strongly support the mission of W.A.K.O. and D.A.R.E., WAKO GEAR is reducing the price of every product by 10% to help offset the cost of shipping to international and domestic destinations. By supporting the efforts of W.A.K.O., D.A.R.E. and your own federation you the athlete can now save as much as 30% of shipping cost when purchasing your organizations’ new product line.

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