Monday, May 16, 2011

Croatia: French boxing or English boxing ?

In Croatia - new positive vibe. Olympic english boxing AIBA as part of Croatian boxing federation and probably influenced by new Pjetraj - selector decided not to exploite boxers in similar boxing sports as savate, kickboxing on international events (level).
They have to decide english boxing YES or NO and then if they want they can additionally participate also on WSB - proffesional AIBA league of clubs.

And this year an excellent boxer Stipe Prtenjaca was not allowed to compete on a national championship in savate combat in Kneginec. And he also won't participate on a World combat savate championship 2011.

This is good for savate and good for english boxing also.

We have to specialize in our own disciplines and progress with our own fighters not borowed one from other trainers and clubs. That wouldn't be fair.

And this is also the right time for FIS to start with annual registration of all savate sportsmen which should be every year's task for the the future.

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