Friday, May 27, 2011

Serbia: Ju jitsu and Kickboxing working together

Weird connections in Serbia. But if that connections work in Serbia then they are present also in some other Balcane countries. - JU JITSU FEDERATION OF SERBIA ( ) - WTKA - KICKBOXING FEDERATION OF SERBIA NO. 2 (PART OF WAKO SERBIA)
WTKA SERBIA All Styles (this is just a club?)
Crvenka, M.Tita 206, (street)
NOVI SAD (city)
VOJVODINA (region)
SERBIA (country)
Phone: (063) 114-5554
Fax: (063) 114-5025

And don't forget that SASCA - South Africa savate group was probably initiated through this Serbian-Italian WTKA connection. Remember Rakic and Popov training seminar in South Africa in May.
Weird, weird, weird ...

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