Friday, April 26, 2013


and savate ambassador is who?

The WCG 2013 Sports Ambassadors represent International Sports Federations and are appointed for a special and a very noble assignment – to become a symbol of the Sport.

Sports Ambassadors will be engaged in promotion of their sports and the world of martial arts & combat sports as a whole via press-conferences, TV & radio interview sessions, and publications in International and Russian newspapers & magazines. The special issue of the TV-magazine “World of Martial Arts & Combat Sports” will be focused on the life stories of WCG 2013 Sports Ambassadors.
Sports Ambassadors will be engaged also in social activities in Saint-Petersburg. They are expected to contribute to positive social change in St. Petersburg via:
- The Saint-Petersburg City Programme «Sports and Society», whose aim is the promotion of the sport as a positive element for societies with regards to youths of Saint-Petersburg and via conducting the contest of social projects and sharing the best social responsibility practices employed by IFs;
- International Forum “The World of Combat Games and Society’, with participation of Ambassadors of Sports, IFs, youth, NGOs, athletes, government representatives, combat sports organizations.
Stay tuned to find out who will be selected as WCG 2013 Sports Ambassadors!

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