Saturday, April 27, 2013

World non-olympic games: Wroclaw, Poland 2017

Will this games be actual also in 2017? Will savate be there? Muay thai and kickboxing put all efforts to be IOC recognised and to come to ARISF and then to World non-olympic games: Wroclaw, Poland 2017. It seems that IFMA and WAKO in their strategy work together. Both organisations were accepted in Sportaccord at the same year 2006. At the same year 2012 they both asked IOC to be recognised in ARISF and they both targeted World non-olympic games: Wroclaw, Poland 2017. Is IFMA and WAKO friendship in their connected tactics something we should expose more radical? In many world countries they have the same national federation representing both WAKO and IFMA and the same people from these national federations compete for both systems in the same year. Do you think that Sportaccord and IOC was that stupid not to see that Thaiboxing is the same activity as Muay thai and all accusations from both sides was just a big game. So the victims are blind Sportaccord in 2006 but this year the new president will take the responsibility of the old one, and almost half-alive ARISF will recognise IFMA and WAKO in the same combination as 7 years ago. And where is savate and his early olympic games 1900 and 1924 and ARISF recognition and then also World games?



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