Saturday, May 31, 2008

GBSF Assaut Savate League 2008 Event II

Tatami is an expensive thing. Video: Tabaqchali vs Whitmore in fight in Cambridge on 25th of May 2008
Women - under 48 kg Agnes Aubert Cambridge
Women - 48 to 52 kg Julia Christofeul Lille
Women - 52 to 56 kg Julie Gabriel Cambridge
Women - 56 to 60 kg Annie Conklin Cambridge
Women - 60 to 65 kg Rachel Shore Guildford
Women - 65 to 70 kg Sophie Sabih London

Men - 60 to 65 kg Vincent Masschelin Lille
Men - 65 to 70 kg Alain Jean-Baptiste Birmingham
Men - 70 to 75 kg James Antill Guildford
Men - 75 to 80 kg James Southwood London
Men - 80 to 85 kg Darren Hook Guildford
Men - Over 85 kg Rafal Tichanow Cambridge


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