Saturday, May 31, 2008

University OPEN Vojvodina - Srbija Novi Sad 2.11.08

FIS - Federation Interantional de Savate is now member of FISU (International University Sports Federation). AGFIS martial art members Kickboxing, Ju-jitsu, Sumo, Sambo, Kendo, Aikido, Muay Thai and Wu-shu didn't make yet this big step forward.
In Slovenia OKS - Olympic comitte of Slovenia and MSS - Ministry of Sport and Education didn't make rules for accepting savate as sport from 2004 when Savate federation Slovenia joined OKS.
But all in all - Slovenia is a member of EU - European Union and they say we are country with normal western democracy taking care for all aspects of human involvement in our society.
But unfortunatelly for savate in Slovenia this certainly isn't true. Savate as a sport is blocked totaly from the begining of 2004 (now it will be 5 th year). Savate federation asked for help everywhere - also in French Embassy, Francophone forum, French industry in Slovenia (Renault, Peugeout, LeClerk, Societte General,...) and didn't get any useful help.
But blocked we keep on going ...further and further. And on University OPEN Vojvodina we will go also.
Slovenian Olympic Comitte probably won't make any valuation of our competitive results till november although we expect new results again and again.
We are a sport without any value :).
Funny thing is that Slovenia (involved is also Slovenian parliament) prepare everything for FISU - Maribor 2013 Winter Student Games, but on the other hand Ministry for sport and OKS still ignore savate as part of FISU as competitive sport.

FISU President George Killian and a number of the FISU EC members officically opened the promotional booths of the 2013 candidates for for Winter Universiade (Maribor, Slovenia).

They say we are only some different recreational sport. And big Francophony can not help our case in any case :).
Ah, let'say that Europe has that luck that Slovenia at this moment is a president country of EU and also could be a good example of how things should work. And after Slovenia there comes France to presidency of EU, and then everything will be allright. You think so?

Should have patriotic feelings after all?

Slovenian rulz EU from here :)

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