Friday, May 23, 2008

Klub Lučki Radnik - Rijeka - Club dock labourer

In Rijeka in Croatia there was one upon a time THE man called Boris Ilić. Some say he was a big hope for SAVATE - boxe francaise at that time in ex - Yugoslavia. Savate club named dock labourer in Rijeka was the strongest in ex - Yugoslavia. Boris tragicly died in motorcycle accident. What happend then with savate in Rijeka we all know. Many clubs in area started with kickboxing and ITF taekwondo although Boris as savateur succesfully won a match against Branko Cikatič (K1 star) as some stories in Croatia say.


Anonymous said...

Boris was A GREAT MAN and good fighter ! I am proud because I knew him.

Anonymous said...

Please can you tell more about this man. He was very important man for savate in Croatia and Europe and all the data about him would be very useful.

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing about Boris when I was younger & I live I'n Australia, he was supposed to come over here to have an exhibition fight with Stan the man Longinidis , it ended up being cancelled due to Boris injuring him self while training a week earlier, such a shame we never got to see him fight here I'n Australia,

Very sad to hear of the passing of this great man who represented Savate with pride..

R.I.P Boris Ilic