Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kyokushinkai - International karate friendship in 2008

After Fred Royers's savate career, kyokushinkai developed very fast in Holland. After kyokushinkai also muay thai got popularity, and Dutch fighters are known as low kickers later in that period.
These days karate WKF, taekwondo ITF and WTF and WAKO kickboxing are very similar sports with very little differences and the danger of unification is suspected.
Karate needs something new - and probably there are tryings to invent continious fighting with low kicks as original style came to Okinawa from Chinese Kung-fu. For sure. Yes. In near future expect many changes in karate world and answer probably lies here in Kyokushinkai. And for IFMA Muay thai - don't worry - they are in good hands - like EBU - European boxing Union . I talk about WBC - World boxing council and Don King's team which put hands on WMC - World Muay thai council and no contender should worry about anything. Savate with shoes is to similar to boxing and no cheaf wants to have a dangerous partner.
There is nobody who works on his own. And probably you know it.
Ah: just a small anecdote out of this context:
Interesting is the story from an old Rome when rich women chose chimpanzee when they took a walk throuh the city - and the difference was evident.

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