Thursday, June 12, 2008

AGFIS SportAccord - 2008 and MARTIADES 2010

Did you see our logo among other International sports federations?

During the Sportaccord, there was a plenary session of the Martial Arts Games (MAG) during which the 13 international federations taking part in the project decided a new name for their first event which will take place in 2010: THE MARTIADES. Reason is that unfortunately other irresponsible people have already misused the name. To avoid being confused with such an organization, they unanimously decided for the new one, also because boxing and wrestling (which are part of the program) are not "martial arts". And Savate is also not martial art - but is not on the list of MARTIADES...Why?

A town in China will probably host first event (rumours talk about Macau or Bejing itself!) which will take into consideration only an élite of competitors, really the "best of the best". The event, to grant media appeal, will guarantee a level of excellency, like the Olympics.

Next THE MARTIADES plenary session will be in Moscow (Russia) on next December 14th. On that day, we will know for sure the town which will have the privilege of hosting for fighting sorts most important event in history.

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