Friday, June 13, 2008

And finally play of the game is over and ... is very clear why some people didn't want to make popular CHAUSS FIGHT.
It was shoot boxing, and Bruno Rinaldi shows it against Turkish fighter (compete for Mario Panza Gym).

And it started like this - without shoes: Bruno Rinaldi Shoot boxing.

And in Italian kickboxing federation FIKB (WAKO) you can see the sector of this sport:

Bruno Rinaldi KO 1st round in SHOOT BOXING - SAP (kickboxing equipmet company) trophy in Collegno italy (against fighter in integral),

And clasical SHOOTBOXING:

And the idea is an old one:
Lee Hasdell vs. Scott Dobbs (USA). Oktagon Shootboxing Milan, 1996
First Round

Lee Hasdell vs. Paulo Di Clemente in the Semi Final
First Round

Lee Hasdell vs.Andre Mannaart
Second Round

I hope that there won't be two savate styles in near future like it is thai-kickboxing and muay thai. That would be very hard for joining AGFIS. And who knows? Plans are plans...

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