Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weight or height categories

Would you like to play Don Kihot and Sancho Pansa game?
For assaut - light contact it would be easier, because the power of kick or punch is not important. On your training all people are sorted by height not by weight, because you don't want to train with smaller ones or vice versa.
Effect on health would be that everybody should take care of his ideal weight at his natural height. Heavier ones would tend to loose weight and slimmer ones to gain it.
And important thing: Ones officially measured - always the same height. No weighing procedures anymore.

1. -160 cm
2. 160-165 cm
3. 165-170 cm
4. 170-175 cm
5. 175-180 cm
6. 180-185 cm
7. 185-190 cm
8. +190 cm

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