Sunday, June 08, 2008

STUDENT CHAMPIONSHIPS SAVATE - Rennes 26-29. march 2008

SAVATE STUDENTS CHAMPIONSHIPS FRANCE -ASSAUT 2008 (FISU). Outside France it is impossible to make that kind of competition because nobody take our federations except French savate federation serious. The same problem in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, and I think also somewhere else. FIS should send some paper of our joining to FISU to all World Olympic Comittes and IOC and maybe also AGFIS. For the inclusion in EUSA - FIS should also write some letter which could help us to start our National student championships in organisation of our national students sport organisations:
Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA),
Croatian University Sports Federation (CUSF),
University Sports Federation of Serbia (USSS),
University Sports Association in Montenegro (USAM)
(Did you see in any of these students organisation savate? NO? You are not blind - it is true. They don't know we are now part of FISU. What a joke - for FIS and for FISU both.)
like French Savate Federation does in organisation of their students national organisation called:
(FFSU) Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire

If we don't start immediately with students championships in 2008 and make them running in 2009 - how can we expect serious 2010 - FISU World savate championships?
And by the way - how can we explain that we are not part of AGFIS but part of FISU our Olympic Comittes when they try to evaluate our savate results?????
Inclusion of savate in France in their FFSU is seen here:

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