Monday, August 24, 2009

Could WAKO kickboxing forget all this money from savate?

RECEIPT: Once a year you transform your kickboxing fighters to savate assaut or combat competitors.
QUESTION: What do you profit from this transformation?

And the money that Ministry of sport gave that kind of "ONCE A YEAR SAVATE FEDERATIONS" is almost 75% of all money that the same Ministry gave to Kickboxing federation for many more competitive activities (which is for naive observer not very fair donation) .
In most cases savate federation is just bypass company of kickboxing federation and probably all savate money is transfered in the end for kickboxing activities. (very similar praxis was discovered between ITF taekwondo and WAKO kickboxing some years ago in some European countries)
And how it is possible to perform this very cheap TRICK in several Olympic Committees - like Serbia, Croatia, Belgium (this year somebody in Belgium Olympic Committee found out the game) , (last year Italy felt off this game)

Are next steps in Croatia and Serbia? I wonder if Vlade Divac and Josip Cop - presidents of this two Olympic Committees know anything about this game?

Savate will be AGFIS internationalized in 2010, and many people ask themselves if WAKO will support FIS savate, like it supported it before when it consumed all his competition money?

And the next questions - will we see some new faces in savate? And will we still watch on competitions some old faces known for so many years?

How much WAKO do you think is in this moment in FIS savate by countries? More than 50 %? Will we fight a battle for savate to preserve it?

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