Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kalmar savate club

Head instructor - Ola Swensson, Sweden. Teached by Jerome Huon in Levallois savate club, France. And GAT 1 - Silver glove.


teaching also advanced thai-boxing

and in Budo federation of Sweden - why we not find savate as sport that is recognized and GAT 1 proud of teaching it? It is only my opinion ... savate is not kickboxing and GAT 1 is not black belt, and bare foot fighting is not shoe's fighting.



kalmar-savate said...

There is a big difference between Savate and kick or thaiboxing. And what I teach is savate with shoes and everything at my club.

Savate is not a part of the swedish budo federation yet, there are only three clubs so far in sweden. But perhaps sometime in the future......

There are three GAT 1 in sweden who got their degree in france and all three are teaching in the different clubs.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Mexico and currently practicing Savate, I am about to move to Stockholm in a couple of days, I am looking to continue my training. Where do you teach? I would greatly appreciate if you can send info to my mail fatima27@hotmail.com.

Thank you.