Monday, August 10, 2009

Why this beautiful science is dying?

Is this just because of many back-fists we see on world championships, or maybe once a year thai-boxers that just visit savate championships, or maybe because there is no integration beetwen FIS and national federation's school education savate programs.
It is told that all savate tactiques lies in exam gloves. Good example is French savate federation. If you learn savate - than you also fight like savate fighter.
But if you combine 100 m running with 600 m and after that you are able to jump like Sergei Bupka than your name should be Daley Thompson and the name of the game is Decathlon. Times of ZX spectrum. You remember those times?

Is average savate fighter like decathlon athlete? Suitable for all martial art disciplines but never the best in any of them. And is savate only a game like Decathlon on ZX spectrum or will savate become in 2009/2010 also nternationaly recognised sport?

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