Friday, August 21, 2009

Croatian savate beauties MAYBE chosen for Olympic Games BOXING - London 2012

Source: Profightstore (Croatia)

Marina Horvat

Ida Kovačevič

And the woman selector of Boxing federation Croatia is the selector of Savate federation Croatia - the same man - prof. Miljenko Rozmaric. (So don't say that savate is inferior to other combat sports).
He sents both of them to European WOMAN boxing championship in Ukraine (Nikolaev, 14th - 21th september 2009)
- 57 kg: Marina Horvat
- 81 kg: Ida Kovačevic

other two women regularly do kickboxing but this time also boxing
- 64 kg: Zeljana Pitesa
- 75 kg: Nives Radic

Do you have some data how it looks like cooperation of these sports in other countries?

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