Sunday, November 28, 2010

ELKAAMOUCHI Abdelkader (France) Vs Studenikov Andrey (Russia)

ELKAAMOUCHI Abdelkader (France) Vs Studenikov Andrey (Russia) Sankt Petersburg (Russia) 27th of November 2010.
Beautiful fight and beautiful ring girls. But Andrey should protect his right knee more. Shin kicks to the knee when you are not allowed to make block with a leg is a perfect attack in french boxing that judges don't sanction as they should.
Is kicking to the knee secret and future french boxing weapon or we should change that kind of "sportive" behaviour. In sport like french boxing we should protect fighter against powerful low kicks to the knee. Do you remember how many super savate fighters damaged their knees during their fights - Sylla...?
I would allow knee kick only in savate pro.
Winner: ELKAAMOUCHI Abdelkader (TKO)(coach Jerome Huon)

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