Tuesday, November 16, 2010


November 12, 2010

By majority vote of the ISKA European Executive Council, Fritz Exenberger is dismissed as European President and Executive Council member.
“This action is necessary and overdue,” said Council Member, European Vice President and Director of ISKA Turkey, Davut Sidal.
“I voted for the dismissal of the ISKA European President Fritz Exenberger because there is compelling evidence the he is the owner and instigator of the newly launched, WKF and that he has used the ISKA network to secretly develop this new organization.”
Mr. Hennessy continued, “I did warn Mr. Exenberger that I would no longer support him as European President if he did not distance himself from the WKF.”
ISKA President Cory Schafer indicated that the issues in Exenberger’s formal dismissal letter included:
• A failure to adequately supervise the preparation for, and execution of, the ISKA Amateur World Kickboxing Championships in Alicante, Spain;
• A failure to collect and forward appropriate sanction fees for various title events including some that he personally supervised;
• A failure to properly manage, supervise, and provide leadership for the European National Directors;
• Unauthorized participation with organizations that was deemed not to be in the best interest of the ISKA; and
• Additional failures to carry out the general responsibilities and intent of the positions of authority.

Since the all decision-making authority rests entirely with the European Executive Council, Mr. Exenberger’s removal will have no immediate impact on the administration of our European operation.
Questions or concerns regarding event sanctioning may be forwarded to one or all of the following during this transition.
European Executive Council Member and Vice President, Mr. Davut Sidal: sidal@gmx.eu
European Executive Council Member, Mr. Paul Hennessey: p.hennessy@blueyonder.co.uk
European Operation Treasurer, Mr. Hasan Arslan: h.arslan@iska-germany.de

President, Cory Schafer; schafriska@aol.com

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