Monday, November 15, 2010

OPEN SAVATE championship of Zagreb, Croatia, 2010

I didn't catch what kind of rules they followed. Savate pro or just savate - boxe francaise - amateur.
There are a lot of shin kicks, vertical fouette kicks without turning/rotation of the heel. No lateral chasse bas at all. No reverse kicks. Lack of tactique.
But important thing is that savate in Croatia is still alive. Whether technical or not - it is at least savate boxing as it is called this type of sport in wrestling shoes and integral dress in Croatia.

-65 kg
Iva Gruic (Savate klub Sesvetski Kraljevec) vs Viktorija Dobravec (Savate klub Sesvetski Kraljevec)

-70 kg
Luka Prtenjaca (Savate klub Sesvete) vs. Bruno Drvodelic (Savate klub Omega, Varazdin) = 3:0

-50 kg
Karlo Pokun (Savate klub Sesvete) vs. Luka Hunic (Savate klub Sesvetski Kraljevec) (won Hunic - stop in 3rd round)

-70 kg
Toni Vukovic (Savate klub Sesvete) vs. Matija Hojan (Savate klub Pitt Bull, Split) = 2:1

-80 kg
Matej Jurin (Savate klub Sesvete) vs. Marko Cizmic (Savate klub Pit Bull, Split)=3:0

-80 kg
Damir Plantic (Savate klub Sesvete) vs. Toni Catipovic (Savate klub Pit Bull, Split)=3:0

-65 kg
Stipan Prtenjača (Savate klub Sesvete) vs. Marko Mudri (Savate klub Omega, Varaždin)=3:0

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