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World Kickboxing Forum 20th of November 2010 - Geneve, Switzerland

Will kickboxing (boxe americaine) eat its own biggest supporter BOXING (english) ???


Structure of the Pantheon of Sports and Martial Arts


Formally established in Tokyo (Japan) 5 December 2009 at the initiative of Swiss national, Carl Emery, the Pantheon of Sports and Martial Arts has development of sports and martial arts in the spirit of chivalry, directly inspired by the Olympic movement and code of honour of the martial arts in general and, in particular, that of Bushido.


The Pantheon is a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland). The Pantheon and its various committees are actively involved in promoting sports and martial arts, defending ethics and fair play, particularly by implementing the various regulations under the Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Arts Martial drafted in Geneva (Switzerland) 3 May 1995.

The composition of the Executive Committee and various committees will be announced at the next general assembly of the Pantheon to be held 20 September 2010 in Las Vegas (USA).


Active departments of the Pantheon on 1 January 2010 are the Executive Council, the General Secretariat, the Committee of events analysis and sports results, the Committee for nominating candidates to the Pantheon, the Charities Commission, the Commission for Sport for All, the World Kickboxing Forum.

  • Executive Council: executive management of the Pantheon of Sports and Martial Arts and monitoring the functioning of its various bodies. Nomination of candidates proposed by the ad hoc committees.
  • General Secretariat : general administration, accounting and fundraising, coordination between the Committees and the Executive Council. Public Relations. Logistics.

  • Committee of events analysis and sports results: upon mandate, inspection of sporting events, results, organisations, structures, curriculum vitae. Report writing and delivery of quality standards “label”, upon request. Dissemination of databases and content of reports made to the media or any other public or agencies.
  • Committee for nominating candidates to the Pantheon: study of applications received or proposed. Research on candidates and hearings.
  • The Charities Commission: financial support and/ or logistical for private or public initiatives relevant to combat sports and martial arts. Financial support, equipment for athletes or clubs.
  • Commission for Sport for All: organisation of events or supporting Sport for All themed events, in close collaboration with TAFISA, UNICEF, WHO and UNESCO, among others.
  • Committee of the World Kickboxing Forum and Martial Arts: organisation of the Global Forum of kickboxing and martial arts (WORLD KICKBOXING FORUM) and management of permanent working groups (task forces)

Carl EMERY : “…when I was competing. There were only 2 Worldwide federations.. “

November 8, 2010 8:04 pm
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INTERVIEW with the founder of the WORLD KICKBOXING FORUM which will be held in GENEVA, Switzerland – November 20 .


Fightmag.net : Historical meeting . How many federation have signed up so far , less than 2 weeks left before the FORUM ?
Carl EMERY : Fifteen international federations have confirmed their participation so far. The main federations will take part. This is the first time in the history of kickboxing that all the World sanctioning bodies will sit around the same table. I agree with you this will be a historical event and I am really proud of the tremendous work that my team of the Pantheon of Sports and Martial Arts have done to bring all these people together.

Believe me! It has not been a pleasure cruise! I would like to congratulate all the presidents of the different federations who have accepted to take part in this forum. In doing so, they have shown their good will and their determination of making kickboxing become a stronger and more credible sport.

Fightmag.net : Who can join and participate in FORUM ? Any restrictions ?
Carl EMERY : Absolutely no restriction. All executives (presidents, directors) of all kickboxing sanctioning bodies that are internationally represented can take part. The size of the organization does not matter. This was the only way to bring all organizations together.

I perfectly know that some of the organizations that are taking part to the forum are very small and are not very active. We have to welcome them though. We do not want to segregate anyone.

Fightmag.net : How the idea of the FORUM was created and when have you started organizing it ?
Carl EMERY : When I was competing. There were only 2 Worldwide federations. And I even thought it was stupid to have 2 world champions, for the same sport, in the same weight divisions. Today it has become easier to be World champion than National champion in many countries. This is simply ridiculous. We are killing the sport like federations and managers have killed boxing. I thought that we had to do something.

Fightmag.net : What will be the major topics to discuss ?
Carl EMERY : I especially have chosen very reachable goals for this first forum. It has to be successful. First of all, we will decide for a common medical form for the competitors. Of course, some countries already ask higher requirements for their competitors and we will encourage them to continue. But in some other countries, there is nothing at all and this can endanger the health of the fighters. We will discuss about creating a website with World data of the results and records of kickboxing matches.

Fightmag.net : Any will of finding a conclusion of uniting “ All under ONE “ ?
Carl EMERY : Of course, this is my dream! I hope that it will come true one day but I am perfectly aware that it will take time, but a thousand miles journey starts with a small step. And this is what will happen in Geneva on November 20th 2010!

Fightmag.net : Most of federations carry Thai Boxing / Muaythai , MMA under their umbrellas . Will the attention fall on these types of fighting sport ?
Carl EMERY : Do you read in my mind? This is exactly what I will announce at the end of this first World Kickboxing Forum. The next forum will certainly be called World Combat Sports Forum and will include Muaythai and MMA.

Fightmag.net : Towards OLYMPICS . It is being discussed and hear-said for many years the facility of joining the Olympic program with Kickboxing . Will be any commissioners from the OLYMPIC head structure presented on the FORUM to assist ?
Carl EMERY : All I can tell you is that the contacts I have in the highest spheres of international sports organizations are very pleased that this forum will finally be held. They have a lot of hopes that this initiative to bring people together will continue and will be fruitful. Kickboxing has NO chance to become an Olympic sport if the main organizations do not find a way to merge. This is not a supposition. This is a fact.

Fightmag.net : Thank you .
Carl EMERY : Thank you for your interest. I will keep you and your readers informed!




Carlo Di Blasi

World Kickboxing Forum 2010


Date of birth : 20th May 1960

Citizenship : Italy


  • Degree in law ate the State University of Milan in March 1986.
  • Interpreter in French language in 1979 at the Centre Culturel Francois.
  • Master in Civilisation at Montpellier (France) University in French in 1978.
  • Kleines Diploma in German language at the Goethe Institut in Milan 1976- 1979.
  • Studies in Spanish, Danish and English languages from 1980 to 1982.


  • Judo studies from 1974 to 1977 with master Kurihara in Milan
  • Karate studies from 1977 to 1979 with Master Shirai in Milan
  • Savate Boxing from 1979 to 1986 as fighter in the National Team.
  • Instructor of Savate Boxing in 1982 in Lyon at the National University of Sport (INSEP)

Silver globe 2 degree in 1982 in Lyon at the National University of Sport (INSEP)

  • Professor in Savate Boxing in 1986 in Paris, National University of Sport (INSEP)
  • Promoter of Muay Thai and WKA – KICKBOXING from 1986 inviting, give seminars all over Italy many Champions and teacher among them Fred Royers, Thom Harinck witk Peter Aerts, Andre Panza, Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekkers Don Wilson.
  • Promoter of PRO World Championship from 1991 till now with different body sanctioning WKA, ISKA, WKN, KICK, WMC, WAKO PRO.
  • President of the Italian Federation of Kickboxing, thaiboxe and savate from 1989 to 2001.
  • Promoter of the OKTAGON one of the largest kickboxing event in Europe (first edition in 1996) till now.


  • Author for “IL SOLE 24 ORE EDITING” (Italian financial newspaper) of the book “LAVOARARE PER LO SPORT” (working in the sport), Best Seller in 2002.
  • Author for “Sport Promotion Editing” of the book “KICKBOXING STORY”.
  • Journalist for martial arts magazine from 1982 till now as “SAMURAI-BUSHIDO” and “BUDO INTERNATIONAL”
  • Commentator for EUROSPORT TV from 1999 till 2004.
  • Commentator from Italia Uno TV from 1994 till now.
  • Commentator fro Dahlia TV from 2009 till now.
  • Producer of the TV Sports program magazine called “OKTAGON” featuring 8 shows a year


Fred Royers

World Kickboxing Forum 2010


Date of birth : 15th March 1955

Citizenship : Netherlands

Karate record (individual)

5 x Middleweight champion of Netherlands

4 x Open-weight champion of Netherlands

European Champion, Helsinki Finland, 1979

Bronze medal : World Championships, Madrid Spain, 1980

Silver medal : World Games, Santa Clara USA, 1981

Bronze medal : World Championships, Taipeh Taiwan, 1982

Bronze medal : European Championships Paris France, 1984

Karate record (team)

World Champion, Tokyo Japan, 1977

European Champion, Geneva Switzerland 1978

European Champion, Helsinki Finland,

Silver medal : World Championships, Madrid Spain, 1980

Full Contact Kickboxing (all styles)

Boxing (traditional English boxing) : Oost district champion, 1983

Savate (french boxing) : European Champion (TKO 4 on Robert Paturel)

Kickboxing (low-kicks) : WKA World Champion (dec. on Yasuo Tabata), 1985


Karate instructor, 1974 to 2002

Muaythai and Kickboxing instructor since 1979

TV commentator and consultant since 1986 for Eurosport, Veronica, SBS 6, RTL5

Consultant for many magazines

Owner of the Fight & Power Center gym in Arnhem (NL)

Trainer and manager of many amateur and professional champions

Combat sports events promoter


Carl Emery

World Kickboxing Forum 2010


Date of birth : 25th March 1968

Citizenship : Swiss

Carl Emery

World Kickboxing Forum 2010


Date of birth : 25th March 1968

Citizenship : Swiss

Director of 11 Martial Arts Schools in Switzerland and Japan

Instructor of : aerobics, cardio kickboxing, muaythaï, kickboxing, self-defense, police defensive tactics, tactical shooting, ju-jitsu, mixed martial arts.

6th Degree black belt certified by Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith and Jean-Yves Thériault

1993 ISKA European champion – professional full contact kickboxing

1994 ISKA European champion – professional full contact kickboxing

1994 ISKA & WKN World champion – professional full contact kickboxing

48 kickboxing amateur and pro fights – undefeated – 33 by knock out (pro 22 – 22 – 14 by KO)

Amateur sports: Boxing, judo, ju-jitsu, mixed martial arts, more than 50 tournaments and titles won from 1987 to 2004.

1995-2010 Promoter of sports events (more than 30 international events with mega stars Le Banner, Thériault, Kaman, Rutten, Hoost, Hagler, etc.)

Co- founder of The Peace Fighters

Founder of the Law Enforcement Training Council

Found of the Pantheon of Sports and Martial Arts


Dr med Souheil Sayegh

Specialist in General Practice,

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

17th october 1972,

Citizenship : Swiss

Assistant Medical Director

Sports Medicine Department

Hôpital de La Tour – Geneva – 2002

International, National and local sports Federations

- International Federation of Basketball – FIBA

Vice-President of the Medical Commission

Member of the Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUE)

Anti-doping supervisory docotr

- Union of European Football Association – UEFA

In charge of the referees evaluation of the Center of Referee Excellence (CORE)

- Swiss Basketball Federation

President of the Medical Commission

Supervision of the national teams

- Swiss Rugby Federation

In charge of the national team

- Geneva Basketball Association

Medical advisor for the youth movement

Special activity

- Teams and federations medical advisor for prevention and fight against doping.

- Member of the Committee of the Swiss french part Sports Medicine network.


Patrick Baumann- FIBA Secretary General and Member of the IOC Committee

Dr Halfdan Mahler - Past President of the WHO (World Health Organisation)

Spoken languages

Fluent- Arabic, English, French, Spanish

Basic - German, Italian

Prokick News

This Inaugural meeting of all World Sanctioning Bodies was spearheaded by Carl Emery from Switzerland a former World Full-Contact Kickboxing champion.

World kickboxing Forum - Kicks off
It happened - the World of Kickboxing came together on this day 29th Novemember in Geneva Switzerland at the hotel de la Vendée. This is the first time that all world kickboxing sanction bodies agreed to sit together for the good of the sport as personal differences where left outside.

The dream is now fulfilled as the world kickboxing forum is now created

This Inaugural meeting of all World Sanctioning Bodies was spearheaded by Carl Emery from Switzerland a former World Full-Contact champion. Mr Emery also created the Pantheon of sports and martial arts group.

Several of the world top executives participated:



dr.: Habib Bakir (WKN), John Morrisson (ISKA), Michele Panfietti (WTKA), Ken Marchtaler (WMAG), Carlo Di Blasi (World Kickboxing Forum), Olivier Muller (WKN), Cristiano Radicchi (WTKA), Klaus Gutmann (WKL), Colin Payne (IKL), Espen Lund (WAKO), Billy Murray (WKN), Klaus Nonnemacher (WKA), Jean-Roger Callière (ITBA), Angelo Strazzeri (WFKB), Premier plan : Denis-Marie Cintura (WPMF), Jesus Vazquez (ITBA), Roy Baker (WAKO), Carl Emery (World Kickboxing Forum), Fred Royers (World Kickboxing Forum) et George Thoktaridis (WTKA). Excused : Kazuyoshi ISHII (K-1) and Rafa LOPEZ (WKL)


Carl Emery - founder

Radicchi (WTKA), Panfietti (WTKA), Calliere (ITBA), Royers (Forum) and Di Blasi (Forum)

Klaus Nonnemacher - Karlsruhe (D), president of WKAand Espen Lund, vice-president WAKO

Jesus Vazquez (ITBA) and Carlo Di Blasi (Forum)


Habib Bakir (WKN), Denis-Marie Cintura (WPMF) and Michele Panfietti (WTKA)


Norvegean Espen Lund and Irish Roy Baker (WAKO)



Dr Souheil Sayegh

On a meeting:

BAKER Roy (WAKO), BAKIR Habib (WKN), CALLIERE Jean-Roger (ITBA), CINTURA Denis-Marie (WPMF), PAYNE Colin (IKF), DI BLASI Carlo (World Kickboxing Forum), EMERY Carl (World Kickboxing Forum), GUTMANN Klaus (WKF), RADICCHI Cristiano (WTKA), LUND Espen (WAKO), MARCHTALER Ken (WMAG), MORRISSON John (ISKA), MULLER Olivier (WKN),NONNEMACHER Klaus (WKA), PANFIETTI Michele (WTKA), ROYERS Fred (World Kickboxing Forum), STRAZZERI Angelo (WFKB), THOKTARIDIS George (WPKA), VALUCHOVA Zuzana (WKA), VAZQUEZ Jesus (ITBA). Excused : ISHII Kazuyoshi (K-1) and LOPEZ Rafa (WKL)

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