Friday, November 26, 2010

Is amateur AIBA boxing connected with professional IBF boxing federation

logo AIBA (strictly amateur)

logo IBF (strictly professional)

AIBA still protects its member Boxing federation of Slovenia.
This small boxing national federation nominated professional boxer Dejan Zavec to Olympic Committee of Slovenia as a top sportsman and his result achieved in a professional ring in IBF professional boxing federation as an amateur achievement equal to olympic ones.
Slovenian Olympic Comittee accepted this nomination and Dejan Zavec is promoted by Ministry of Sport as one of the best sportsman from Slovenia as a part of Olympic movement.
People who accepted nomination of Dejan Zavec from the Boxing federation of Slovenia are members of Slovenian Olympic top sport Committee
(I shouldn't mention that some of them had serious problems with slovenian police and criminal investigation groups)
Bogdan Gabrovec (JUDO) - president
dr. Marta Bon (HANDBALL)
dr. Gregor Jurak (children education - Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana)
dr. Edvard Kolar (GYMNASTICS)
Jaro Kalan (SKIING)
Albert Soba (ATHLETICS)
dr. Matej Tusak (psychology - Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana)
dr. Meta Zagorc (DANCING)
Bojan Zmavc (CANOE)
dr. Marko Zadraznik (VOLLEYBALL - Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana)
Dusan Jurse (ROWING)

All Slovenian media houses were forced to report the only truth - we have World boxing championship. Naturally out of AIBA amateur system, which is recognised by IOC and Sportaccord.
IBF is also not WADA recognised.

I ask myself if AIBA silence is really good for an amateur boxing?
Is it good silent of IOC?
Is it the correct way of Sportaccord to allow that kind of behaviour?

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